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By now you might be aware how you income through Nieoo app right? It’s pretty simple you log in to the app see the inventories and share them and if anybody from your network likes it you order it on behalf of them through our app. But should you share everything you get in the app or should you choose what you like?

It’s a common dilemma you will go through when you start using the app. But if we have to give you any suggestions then we will say that you can’t sell everything to your friends and family. Just imagine a friend of yours who is a metal head trying to sell a formal shirt. Weird right? There is a high probability that if he isn’t your good friend you won’t buy the formal shirt from him. But maybe he has good taste in metal band t-shirts and if will be willing to see his suggestions on that. In business term we say sales conversion ratio. Basically it means what percentage of customers you reached to is actually buying it from you. You will be able to have a higher percentage if you try to sell the things you like. You can see it like Pinterest. You like funky socks and have good taste for it and now you can curate the products from our inventory and share it with your friends and family and earn money by doing it!

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