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When we start our conversation with the suppliers and say that we are an E-commerce platform, it doesn’t sound interesting right? Like there are now thousands of E-commerces which promise better service than their competitors but none of them seem to be effective for our Small and Medium Enterprises. Just another E-commerce sounds mundane and doesn’t interest any SMEs since they know that they can sell through their own platform rather than give time on those E-commerces.

Nieoo is different in that aspect. Although we fall into the general category of E-commerce, we are basically creating an alternative channel for SMEs so that they can get more customers for their products. The question is how? Let’s just say we are using the power of network. What our E-commerce platform will do is it will connect your products to people who are seeking to earn extra money and they will try to sell it to their friends and family. In return we will give them commissions! We all know the problem of how difficult it has become for SMEs to organically grow in Facebook due to the change in newsfeed. So we’ve created a system where you don’t have to spend first and pray that new customers will come. Now you will post your inventory and let the resellers work for you. If our resellers can sell your product, you incur an expense, otherwise no money spent!

We want our suppliers to grow exponentially without the burden of investing in marketing first!

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