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When you start your business it is vital that you market it right. Marketing is key for scaling in terms of prospective customers ( group members or likes) or actual sale. Here are few ways we think you can scale your business faster.


Regular Share Products in your profile

If you start your business through facebook group/page then you will invite everyone to like or join the page/group. But everyone is going to do so for different reasons. One of the effective ways to get people’s attention is to share every product update in your own profile by sharing it. One of the flaws of facebook group/page is that not every post you give will be seen by the people who liked your page or joined your group. The algorithm of facebook newsfeed has changed and hence now you see more of your friends’ post and less of different business post

(you can get space if you boost). Only the people who like, comment or business term is engaging in your page/group you get to see the next post you give. But there is a way to get more attention from your friendlist and that is by sharing in your own profile. It will enable your friends to see your post through your profile ( As facebook allows more post of friends now in newsfeed).

Show everyone you’ve started your business with pride in your profile!


Regular Share Products in Buy/Sell Groups

Another way to get scaling without any additional marketing investment is through sharing your product updates in different buy/sell groups. There is plenty of buy/sell groups in facebook. We will suggest that you find the buy/sell groups where a lot of interaction is happening ( comments) then you share it to those groups. There is a lot of groups with huge member numbers but have no interaction in posts. Those groups are useless hence you can do a little research and post where there is higher chance of getting sales.


Sharing Campaign

This technique will need a little investment from your end but this is one of the effective way to scale for facebook groups/pages. Whenever someone shares our products we can see who has shared it. We can easily leverage this thing and can give incentive to people to share your updates in return for a free product or a discount. Like you can start a campaign like that one of the people who will share can get a free product of their choice worth up to like Tk. 1000. This also might be can effective way to increase interaction in your page/group.

Updating products in Stories

Selling can be made only when you can get the attention of customers. So it is important to use every tool which can allow us to get attention of people. Facebook and Whatsapp stories can be an effective tool. You can create stories in your group/page and also add story in your profile to get more attention of people.

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