Nieoo is not only about earning, it’s about self empowerment!

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Yes, those are some strong words I have used to explain Nieoo. Calm down! I know that it’s just our start and we are not perfect, but the vision towards it is much broader than enabling people to earn money through our app.


Being a finance enthusiast, I always believed in financial freedom. What I believe is that true freedom can only be achieved when you are financially independent. Just Imagine the happiness you can get when you can decide when you want to go on a vacation ( You don’t need the approval of your boss). A sweet fantasy isn’t it? Imagine, before you graduate you have good cash flow stream from your side hustle which allows you to pursue your passion and dreams. Let’s face the truth, we all want to be independent but circumstances make us to compromise. Even when you want to do something of your own, you are tied to the barrier of making investment. Wouldn’t it be easy if we can just start straight away and earn?


Nieoo believes in making that fantasy a reality. Now through us, you don’t need to wait to start something of your own through investment. You can be our reseller/affiliate marketer and start building your network and earning. But wait, many of you might be saying that you want to start something that is different ( Like creating your fashion boutique). Yes you can do that of course, but if you don’t have investment right now to start your dream why not you use our platform and start building your business network from now on? Then when you get enough cash flow to start your own business, you will have a ready made network to sell your own products ( You can also become our supplier then!).


Start working towards your dream from today!


Abdullah Mashroor Ahmed

Co-founder, Nieoo

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