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I am sure that many of you get it now what Nieoo is all about. It is a business which is helping people to start their own  business with zero investment. But many of you maybe new to this idea of starting a business. So we will discuss some ways through which you can start our business.


Create a Whatsapp/ Facebook Messenger group


You may have people with whom you discuss a lot about shopping stuffs. You can start at a very small scale by creating a whatsapp/ messenger group of your friends and family who might be interested buyers. After adding them give an introductory message by saying that you are starting a new business and will share pictures from time to time there. I am sure a lot of people will be interested to see what products you sell! Make sure you give the introductory message by including everyone otherwise they might think it is a group with some random people and can leave.


Create a Facebook Group


Facebook group is another great marketing/business tool to use. Just create a facebook group, give a name of your business and start adding people from your friendlist. Then write a post about why you have created this group ( Just like the messenger advice). Through that post people will understand that this is a business group and will be willing to see what you have got. Scaling through facebook group is also easy as you can ask your friends and family to add people from their friend list! A suggestion would be to keep the group engaged by creating and posting contents on an almost daily basis. The more people engage ( like, share, comment) in your group the higher the probability is they will see the next post organically. It is also better to target a specific target group ( gender or product based). You can only target women and give women products or target a specific product like saree or kameez and upload only those products. Although you reduce the number of product choices by that but it helps your customer know what he/she can get from you and can search your group if he/she needs that product. For example think about the best burger place and I am sure you are thinking about a place which only specializes on burger. We will give you a variety of product choices but you can do product curation depending on the choices you think your customer has.


Create a Facebook Page


If you want to scale big then facebook page is another tool you can use. Due to its advertising tool availability it can be the best way to start if you want to scale big. The suggestions are similar to facebook group. Invite people to like your page and ask your friends to invite their friends ( that’s how we got our initial likes!) then try to update products as regularly as possible.


These are few of the ways you can start your business by leveraging social media. There are plenty other ways as well. In the next few articles we will explore in depth on each of the processes.

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